Check out our newest oils and their uses!

Our new scents are packed with immune boosting, skin rejuvenating and mood boosting properties that you can add to your Mila Eve Essentials Diffuser for aromatherapy, or apply topically (use proper dilution ratios as necessary).

Vanilla 3%- A calming, sweet scent that is great for the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. This rich scent can also reduce inflammation in the skin, making it a great benefit to the skin and hair! You can add a few drops to your natural hair and skincare products.

Spearmint- Calm the digestive system, boost mental clarity, relieve headaches and boost the immune system. It's a more mild aroma than Peppermint, which makes it an excellent choice for children. Its invigorating aroma makes it easy to fight fatigue. 

Immune Boost- Boost the immune system, restore white blood cells and increase their activity and strengthen the body. Immune Boost works best when used consistently at the onset of sickness. 

Tangerine- Tangerine is a cheerful, citrus scent known for relieving stress and anxious behavior. It is a subtype of the Mandarin and possesses cleansing and purifying properties. You can clean your surfaces, while also promoting a clear mind. You can add Tangerine to your skincare regimen for smooth, soft and brighter skin.

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