Proper Dilution

Carrier Oil

Proper dilution is very important when using essential oils due to the concentrated strength of pure essential oils. What is dilution? Dilution is the practice of mixing drops of pure essential oils into a carrier oil, water, or other natural lotions and creams.

There are many ways to measure and dilute your essential oils. You can use an insert called a reducer or a pipette to measure by the drop or use measuring spoons when mixing larger amounts. It all depends on what size essential oil safe container you choose to use when storing your blends. 

For topical use, dilution rates should be 3% or less. For example, you can add 3 drops of essential oil to 97 drops of your carrier oil. This dilution rate would be considered safe and effective for most aromatherapy applications. For children, pregnant women, the elderly, or anyone weakened from chronic illness, it is suggested you use 1% dilution or less.

Always remember when using pure essential oils, less is best in order to avoid an unwanted or unsafe reaction. Your dilution ratio is usually determined by what you’re using the essential oil mix for. The following is standard dilutions and conversions.

  • 1 percent dilution: 6 drops per ounce
  • 2 percent dilution: 12 drops (about ⅛ teaspoon) per ounce
  • 3 percent dilution: 18 drops (a little less than ¼ teaspoon) per ounce

Here are some common examples of use and the recommended dilution ratios:

  • Body Massage / 1.5-3%
  • Bath & Body Products / 1-3%
  • Hair Care / 1.5-3%
  • Facial Serums & Cosmetics / 0.2-1.5%
  • Air Mist / 2-3%
  • Surface Sprays / 3%