Kidney Health and Essential Oils

Your kidneys are one of the busiest organs in your body as they assist with maintaining your body's pH level, regulate your blood pressure, remove excess fluid and waste from your body, clean your blood and so much more. Some of the signs that you may want to pay attention to that could be related to poor kidney function are frequent urination, swelling around the ankles, kidney stones and recurring Urinary Tract Infections.

Here are some essential oils that can be used to improve your kidney functions through detoxification, reducing inflammation and pain management by applying them topically using proper dilution ratios to your lower back area (near the location of your kidneys):

Oregano- Known for its antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties, Oregano essential oil is great for kidney health and can help with UTIs. Oregano is a VERY spicy oil and should be used with caution when applying topically. You can use Oregano and Clove, carefully diluted, and apply to the lower belly region to reduce the symptoms of UTIs. In addition to your doctor prescribed UTI treatment, you should drink plenty of water, drink pure, unsweetened cranberry juice and take daily probiotics to reduce bacteria that causes urinary tract infections.

Helichrysum- Known as the healer, Helichrysum is great for pain relief, inflammation and wound care. It also has properties that will help reduce kidney stones and ease the pain of passing kidney stones.

Clove- Clove bud is often used as a cleanser for both air and surfaces and contains pain relieving properties. It has antibacterial properties that can help reverse kidney damage.

Frankincense- Frankincense is most commonly used to support the immune system and is known for its meditative properties. By boosting the immune system, it can improve kidney health and reduce inflammation.

Lavender- Lavender is the “cure all” of all essential oils. Not only is it known for its calming properties, it can be used to help reduce the pain associated with kidney stones.

Peppermint- Among it's many benefits, Peppermint essential oil is great for reducing pain and tension. It can also be great for detoxing the kidneys and reducing inflammation.


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  • Where do I get instructions for using the above oils to treat Kidney damage/disease?

    Frances Wallace on
  • Hello just wondering if i buy clove oregano and peppermint how would i mix them and rub them on my back near my kidneys?

    Malik on
  • How many drops do you use for a roller bottle with a carrier oil?

    Angie on
  • Just started taking oregano and I feel great ,prescriptions meds gave me a rash on my face , not saying they didn’t work, just side effect were noticeable. There is something about the clean feeling of oregano that feels so good . Wish I would have studied it sooner.

    DC on
  • Yes, one tab a day . Don’t exceed recommended dosage.

    D.C. on

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