Company Overview

Company Overview

Mila Eve Essentials, LLC, is a black owned, woman owned business located in Maryland and established in 2020 by Monique Samuels. Mila Eve Essentials products are designed with your mind, body and soul in mind. We eliminate harsh ingredients and replace them with essential oils and other natural elements that provide a variety of wonderful benefits. These benefits enhance physical and spiritual wellness, amplify positive, emotional well-being and will redefine your health routine.

What Makes Mila Eve Essentials Different? We're not simply selling you essential products. We're taking you on a journey! We're determined to encourage a better understanding of essential oils. Our desire is to create an emotional connection with our consumers, listen to your needs and desires and deliver affordable products that you cannot live without!

Behind the Name

The Samuels Family

 Our founder, Monique Samuels, and her husband, Chris Samuels, initially desired to have 4 children after getting married in 2012. When they became pregnant with their first child, they decided they would wait to find out the gender of their baby upon delivery. Therefore, they prepared themselves by having a name picked out for a boy and a girl. The names they chose were Christopher Ramon and Milani Sanaa. Christopher Ramon was born in 2013! When they became pregnant with their second child, the name would be either Milani Sanaa for a girl or Chase Omari for a boy. Milani Sanaa was born in 2015! In 2017, when they became pregnant with their third child, they chose the names Mila Eve for a girl or Chase Omari for a boy. Unfortunately, Monique and Chris suffered a miscarriage. After much healing, they decided to try again and were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Chase Omari in 2018! The Samuels family are now a party of 5 and Monique made the decision to name this company, which was birthed out of love, passion and family, after the daughter they would or could have had, Mila Eve.

About Our Founder

Monique Samuels

Monique Samuels, a former star on Bravo’s hit reality television series “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” is an entrepreneur, speaker, media personality, writer, and philanthropist. Most importantly, Monique is also a loving wife and mom of three. She is known for her ability to balance her personal and professional lives and “do it all.” 

Among her many accomplishments, Monique is also the founder and CEO of Not For Lazy Moms, a multi-platform media company that provides a destination and online community for resourceful people who want it all and do it all. Not For Lazy Moms began as a blog and has grown into a powerful community where individuals can find inspiration for maintaining themselves as well as lifestyle tips and natural alternatives for their families. The website inspired a Not For Lazy Moms podcast, which debuted in August of 2018. The Not For Lazy Moms community is where people share stories about overcoming obstacles in life, open up about challenges, and share ideas and advice on parenthood, relationships, healthy living, happiness, and so much more.

Monique was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and graduated from Pleasantville High School as the Salutatorian of her class. She went to Duquesne University to study business law on a full academic scholarship. Monique later decided to put school on hold to pursue a career in music, moved to Washington, DC and worked as an Executive Assistant for her Entertainment Attorney in order to pay the bills while she learned more about the music industry. That was where she met her future husband, former Washington Redskins Offensive Tackle, Chris Samuels, who at the time was looking to start his own record label. Monique and Chris began a great friendship, which eventually turned romantic. They dated for six years before they got married in 2012.

Monique and Chris live in Potomac, Maryland with their three children, Christopher, Milani and Chase and an African grey parrot, named T’Challa.