How Do You Use Your Flawless Glow Toner?

Whether you wake up and mist or keep the glow in your pocket, Flawless Glow Toner is a must-have and a must-use every day! Enjoy amazingly glowing skin within 2 weeks of use. Get ready for the compliments and the "Are you wearing foundation?" commentary to pour in.

Make Flawless Glow Toner a part of your everyday routine!

  • Cleanse your face
  • Pump and apply your Flawless Glow toner by hand and massage onto your skin or use your complimentary spray bottle and give yourself a spritz
  • Apply Your Serum infused with with Flawless Skin Essential Blend
  • Apply your daily moisturizer
  • Give yourself one more spritz to seal it all in
  • Glow!

Keep your Flawless Glow Toner with you all day and reapply when your skin needs a hydration boost! Keep your Toner refrigerated to keep it fresh.

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  • Is there a serum for Flawless Toner?

    Marsha Henry on

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