Geranium is Finally in Our Store!

Geranium is an uplifting scent that is nourishing for the skin, supports the female reproductive system by creating hormonal balance, heals minor scrapes and bruises and  has the ability to deter insects and pesky bugs. Traditionally, Geranium has been used for menopause related issues and PMS. Its calming aroma can ease anxiety and moodiness.

Little Known Facts: Geranium and Rose essential oil have a similar aroma. Rose oil is extracted from the flowers, while Geranium oil is found in the leaves. It is an excellent insect repellant, even known to repel ticks! It is often found in soaps and perfumes and originates in South Africa, Egypt and Morocco.

    Mental Peace Aromatherapy


    Other New Essential Oils added this month:

    1. Angelica Root 10%
    2. Black Pepper
    3. Roman Chamomile 10%
    4. Eucalyptus Radiata
    5. Hyssop
    6. Detox Essential Blend
    7. Emotional Symmetry Essential Blend

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