Flawless Glow Toner is Taking Over!

Why is Flawless Glow Toner our best seller? Because it works! Check the reviews! 

Leave your skin glowing with daily use of Flawless Glow Toner. How does our Founder, Monique, use hers? Here's what she shared:

"I use my Flawless Glow toner all day long. After I wash my face, I mist my face or pump the mix into my hands, then massage into my face. After it dries, I apply my serum, then follow with my moisturizer. Finally, I mist my face one more time with the Glow toner to seal and protect my skin. I keep my small spray bottle with me all day and give myself a spritz whenever I feel less hydrated. At night I repeat the same routine after I wash my face. I've noticed that with consistent use, I rarely have breakouts, I no longer experience hyperpigmentation as often as I once did and my skin feel silky and smooth. I often get complimented on how my skin glows! I also mix the toner with my body moisturizer which keeps my skin hydrated. On areas that are prone to dry, rough patches, such as knees and elbows, I notice that my skin is now clear and soft. I'm so happy to share this life changing product with people who are fed up with daily skincare struggles!"

For those with more sensitive skin, you should try applying the toner after moisturizing your face, instead of applying directly after cleansing your skin. 

Most people experience an immediate glow after days of usage. After 2-3 weeks you may experience a purge. For those that stick with usage, you'll experience more glowing, clear skin that lasts!

If you suffer from mask acne, eczema, sunspots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, acne, blemishes or even redness on your face and body, Flawless Glow Toner is right for you! Are you ready to say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, dark spots and uneven skin tone? If you’re ready for picture perfect skin and confidence through the roof, then say hello to the Flawless Glow Toner.

How do you use your Flawless Glow Toner

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  • Is it ok for a young lady 15 years old to use this product.

    Deborah Manuel on

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